Privacy Policy


Katchoo is committed to protect your privacy and personal data. We will only use your data in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of the privacy and other relevant applicable legal provisions.

We could use your personal data to provide you informative news about the operation, services, new products or services, new employees, important news related to the industry et cetera.

Your data will not be transmitted to third parties, nor for information, nor for publicity purposes. Katchoo has take all legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized acces and use.

You have always a legal right to complete, correct or delete your personal information. Katchoo will undertake action within the 5 working days.

When you visite Katchoo, there will be collect some data for statistical purposes. These data are: IP address, the probable place of consultation, hour & day of consultation, which pages were visited.

When you visit the website of Katchoo, you agree with these data collection for statistical purposes as described above.


The information (text, images,…) on these site are just ment to general information. Katchoo will do everything to assure the correctness of this information, but can not be held liable for damage which may arise as a result of incorrect or incomplete information. Katchoo reserves the right to make changes or corrections at any time, as well as to remove a port of the information.

On the information (text, images) is copywright by law, so that the information may not be reproducted or transmitted without prior written permission of Katchoo. All intellectual property laws remain intact.

As stipulated in our terms and conditions, any communication wit hus will be treated as confidential.

The Belgian law is applicable.